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NuFlex® 302 Hi-Temperature (HT) Silicone

$5.50 / 300ml tube*

*While supplies last


NuFlex® 302 Hi-Temperature (HT) Silicone Gasket Maker is a one-part, non-slumping 100% silicone sealant with the consistency similar to that of toothpaste. It cures when it is exposed to moisture in the air to form a tough rubbery seal.

NuFlex® 302 HT was formulated to perform at temperatures ranging from –65°C to 260°C (-85°F to 500°F) under continuous operating conditions. During intermittent exposure, NuFlex® 302 HT will withstand temperatures as high as 316°C (600°F). It is ideal for a number of sealing and bonding applications.

  • NSF Approved.

  • 100% Silicone.

  • 100% RTV.

  • Adheres to many substrates.

  • Withstands up to 316°C (600°F).

  • Fireplaces, industrial ovens, and high temperature HVAC applications.

  • Gasket making for various automotive, marine, and small engine applications.

  • General weatherproofing in residential, commercial, industrial and automotive applications.

  • Permanently flexible.

  • Quick curing.

  • Moisture, heat and vibration resistant.

  • Multiple uses.

  • 300 mL (10.1 fl.oz.) cartridge

  • 12 cartridges per case

  • Available in RED only







DMD Motor Wedge Clearance


We are overstocked on DMD wedges by Fibertek and Essex Active.

Take advantage of these low prices while the inventory lasts. Standard 250’ tubed bundles.



Class H Round Wedges 180*C                               Class F Round Wedge


DMDH 20-94                                                             DMD180 20-70                        

DMDH 20-99                                                             DMD180 20-144                     

DMDH 20-117                                     

 DMDH 20-144 

DMDH 20-199                                                         Class F Square Wedges 155-180*C


                                                                                  DMD180 20-8-8                                        

Class H Square Wedge 180*C                                 DMD180 20-11-10                  

                                                                                  DMD180 20-10-14                  

DMDH 20-7-8                                                            DMD180 20-15-11                  

DMDH 20-8-8                                                            DMD180 20-16-11                  

DMDH 20-11-10                                                        DMD180 20-17-15                  

DMDH 20-10-14                                                        DMD180 20-19-15                  

DMDH 20-15-11                                                        DMD180 20-27-18                  

DMDH 20-16-11      

DMDH 20-19-15     

DMDH 20-23-16     

DMDH 20-27-18     


Dacron-Mylar-Dacron H (DMDH)

Certified Class H (180*C) wedges for high-temperature applications where affordability and easy of insertion are key.

The winder’s original wedge, utilizing Fibertek’s proprietary solvent-free adhesive system which ensures the highest standard of DMD paper on the market. A solid choice for any application where ease of handling is paramount.


Dacron-Mylar-Dacron (DMD180)

A Class F DMD wedge that will take temperatures up to 180*C, but is only certified for Class F requirements.

An excellent choice for both temperature classes where designation is not a priority.




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