CLASS H (up to 200*C)


HA-1 Grade Silicone Resin Sleeving

Our most robust sleeving. Braided fiberglass sleeving coated with a high-performance silicone rubber coating for extreme toughness and abrasion resistance while retaining maximum flexibility under temperatures ranging from -73*C to +200*C. An ultra-high (maximum) dielectric strength of 8000 volts, combined with excellent resistance to oil and solvents make this the industry standard for the most demanding applications.

            Natural color. CSA #LR58486 VW-1/FT1


HC-1 Grade Silicone Resin Sleeving

A more cost-effective version of the Varflex HA-1 product, this braided fiberglass sleeving is also coated with a high-performance silicone rubber coating for high temperature applications. Recognized for 200*C and 600 volt applications, but with a lower flammability rating, this sleeving nevertheless performs very well in situations where extreme conditions demand more than a standard acrylic sleeving.

Maximum di-electric strength of 2500 volts.  UL #E53690



CLASS F (155*C)


FA-1 Acrylic Sleeving

Varflex’s A397 sets the standard for this type of modified acrylic resin-coated fiberglass sleeving. High flexibility ensures ease of application. Good resistance to most solvents, oils, water and chemicals as well as good compatibility with common magnet wire coatings means it will perform admirably in most situations. Designed to perform for long periods in a 155°C range without loss of any electrical or physical properties.

Maximum di-electric strength of 7000 volts.

            White color. CSA #LR58486


FC-1 Acrylic Sleeving

A more cost effective version of Varflex’s A397 Grade A sleeving, this proven performer nevertheless handles a variety of standard applications in integral and fractional horsepower motors, as well as oil-filled transformers and generators.

An excellent choice with a maximum di-electric strength of 2500 volts.

            White color. UL #E63450


FA-1 VPI Double-Walled Acrylic Sleeving

A double-walled version of Varflex’s A379 FA-1 grade modified acrylic resin-coated fiberglass sleeving for VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) applications that exhibits good resistance to most solvents, oils and chemicals. Compatible with most types of magnet wire coatings. Maximum di-electric rating of 7000 volts. Limited sizes available at present; call for additional information.

            White color. CSA #LR-58486



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